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Branch history

Postby LFC-Merseyside » Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:22 pm

The Branch was formed in 1993. The first meeting was held on 29th March 1993 in the Trophy Room at Anfield, when you had to be a member of the old International Supporters Club to attend the meeting for which membership cost £8.00. The first guest speaker on the night was Ron Yeats. At that meeting Brian Hall and Carol Timms, asked those in attendance if we would like these meetings on a regular basis. The consensus was yes and so the Branch was in the process of being formed. Brian announced that he already had a Chairman in mind for the Branch and anyone in attendance who was interested in becoming Branch Secretary should write to Brian expressing their interest.

The next meeting took place on 10th May 1993, the day after the will he won’t he be sacked Souness saga. Again it was held in the Trophy Room at Anfield with again Brian Hall and Carol Timms in charge of the meeting. Tom Saunders was guest speaker. At that meeting Brian Hall announced that Alan Brown would be Chairman of the Merseyside Branch and Barrie Holmes would be Secretary. He then asked for volunteers to form the rest of the committee for which the following people either volunteered or were volunteered by their family and friends who were in attendance on the night. At the end of that meeting the Merseyside Branch committee was in place and consisted of Chairman Alan Brown; Secretary Barrie Holmes and committee members; Ray Charnock, Pauline Nicholas, Peter Millea, Les Lawson, Steve Phillips, Paul Morris, Charles Mannion and Paul Morrison. Over the last 15 years, Peter Sampara, Guy Ogden, Graham Rowson, Steve Cavanagh and Paul Woolcott have also served on the committee.

We then held our first committee meeting in the Players’ Lounge at Anfield, at which it was decided, that we would meet once a month on the first Monday of the month where possible. This would be held in one of the lounges at Anfield at which we would have a guest speaker from the Club. There would also be a section where members would be able to raise points with the committee who would then bid to get an answer from the Club.

During the first year the Branch committee held regular meetings with Chief Executive Peter Robinson. A sub-committee consisting of Peter Millea and Les Lawson plus Colin Moneypenny and Paul Hyland from the FSA was also set up. This sub-committee met with Peter Robinson to try and help the Club decide how Kop Season ticket holders would be relocated while the Kop Stand was being completed, as it would not be ready for the first game of the season.

The first dinner dance was held in November, 1993 at which Jamie Redknapp attended so he could be presented with the first ever Merseyside Branch Player of the Year Award. Vince Earl (Ron Dixon from Brookside) also came along and entertained us all in the night. Since then the player of the year dinner has been held every year but is now held in December.


The Player of the Year is decided by the members who vote for their top 3 players of the season. The members vote at our September and October meetings and then the award is presented to the winner at our Player of the Year Dinner in December.

The Ian Frodsham Young Player of the Year is nominated by the Academy coaching staff.

The Emlyn Hughes Award is decided by the committee and goes to a member of the first team squad who has played the game in the same spirit as Emlyn did. Somebody who always gives 100% played for the shirt and has a never say die attitude as well as being a great player like Emlyn was.

The Tom Saunders and Billy Liddell Awards are again nominated by the committee and are presented to former players, coaches, managers or anyone associated with the Club who as given outstanding and distinguished service.
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